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> people will start asking me to twerk in my petti because they saw a girl wearing lolita with WAP earrings.

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wow yall really are triggered af by how people wear the clothes they buy with their money lmfao does it hurt that people have the brand you want ahahaha your poor egos

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look at this retard

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holy shit that 2000s edit

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same. people are sensitive little cunts these days so you have to watch your racist, sexist, misogynist mouth

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ayyy lmao, had such a great laugh
will she be our next PT?

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I just discovered today who the fuck this people are, and my sides are on orbit right now.

I'd love to say "Cosplay is for everybody, if they want to do it naked, good for them!", which is what I do all the time because I feel it's true, but shit, it's so obvious they just want to pose naked for neckbeards.

All the cosplays on their main page are so half assed and cringey. Some of them even show their real hair beneath the dollar store wigs, or don't even bother to cover certain part only to show their (behold) oh so magnificent and geeky tattoos.

I say go for it. I haven't had so much laughing material in months.

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>a "friend" said to me she asked to her boss to understand her special meets at work
>i'm too but i don't ask for special needs at work or university cause "muh special illness"
>also excuse her cold as ice behavior to her condition

I take responsibility of my condition but i dont consider myself special, muh illness or whatever. Also, i can feel empathy.
>i remember that person saying to me i was buying too much lolita and other shit
>while she did the same but worse
>spend money for junk food and other useless stuff

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