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Make/request a capsule wardrobe or try to make many coords with the same item. Feedback on all welcome.

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I really like these threads, but I feel like interest has been lacking lately (when it comes to jfashion threads in general)

Can we combine this thread with making several coords with the same main-piece? I saved pic related from a previous thread, Idk if there was more?

What do you think of using black with a main-piece that doesn't have any black?

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Thank you for the concrit.

I thougt you can wear the AatP JSK with all of the tops. The Moitie JSK with the bolero, blue top or white blouse. The skirt could be worn with any of the tops too. The ouji coord I'm not a fan of desu but I wanted to include one for versatility/different occassions, I included a cutsew dress and slippers (to wear at home) for the same reason.
I think the 1st and 5th coords are my favorites. It would probably look more coherent if I'd used more Moitie but I got bored of that quickly.
Why can't you wear the white shoes with anything?

Pic related is the 5 coords with 1 dress thing like >>9684771 said

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