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ive been a lolita for a while but i have yet to order directly from AP japan or Btssb and so forth (with exception of closet child and auctions)

I just saw BtSSB's Happypack 2016 reservation and im in love! how does this work? i didnt see any info links at the top, id really appreciate some sort of help or direction, thank you!

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New B/S/T.

Old thread: >>7270722

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>tfw gotta pay the bills before frills
>tfw you habitually window shop when you don't have the money to freely spend

Man, I need to get my shit together.

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What grinds my gears?

Lolitas who want all these types of meetups or activities
> oh wouldn't it be fun if this hypothetical situation happened
> oh I wish it was closer
> oh why don't we have events like this

but don't make any effort to create meetups or event themselves.

People who don't get involve but demand the world piss me off

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New buy, sell, and trade.

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