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I wanna buy things for me but i'm spending all my money on Christmas present.

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No, it's not. It's a hobby. The same percentage of cosplayers are all about sex as non cosplayers.
Go to tinder to get your dick wet.

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>Molesting Chucky
Most embarrassing behavior

I admit i don't know much about Ouji, but this doens't look kawaii at all.

not a fan of the shoes on pegasus girl but just a picture of two people having fun (in a hobby lobby of all places? why?) is kind of refreshing
I had to double take because the blond roots made it look like she was Benjamin Franklin style balding for a minute there. That being said this seems alright.

This its thread went to shit, pretty fast.

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so you can jerk off to it? yeah sure

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So glad to see the only good suit is, once again, cumulative recharge.

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