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same and its 10x worse for me since I'm a fatty-chan so wearing one is asking for mockery

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i can't be the only one that misses cof threads. i want to make one but i'm scared i'll fuck it up somehow

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>Sew lace to hem
>Lace ends 10inch too early
So close, I don't want to go to buy more

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I'm very into dollification but not entirely in a sexual way. I want to look pristine and perfect like a BJD, and am considering reconstructive surgery or Botox when I have a more stable job. I don't connect lolita with dollification and sex, and I don't sexualize the fashion AT ALL, but feeling like a perfect Victorian porcelain doll brings me more joy than most other things. I feel really weird talking about it because I feel like it'll offend other lolitas, but I'm not using it as a kinky escape like the DD/lg'ers

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Just got an email that the con I'm looking forward to has been postponed due to issues with the hotel. There's no date as to when it will be happening, so I can't ask for time off. I'm trying to be calm about this but my natural tendency to worry has me up in arms.

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>mfw the only colour that suit you is ugly moss/olive green

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>tfw you're ugly as fuck in lolita standard and will only be posted in the ita threads
>Nobody will never admire me
>I'm not even fat

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>Open application to get to work in Japan for few months
>Sent my portfolio
>Receive message that they got it
>They got few dozen of them and are already going through them
>Haven't heard from then after that

It's already been few weeks, I think they just trashed my application

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>Have meetup on saturday after long time
>Today I slipped down
>Right to my ass
>Now my ass is swollen and in pain
>I walk like a penguin
>tfw no meetup for me since it requires a lot of walking

I will go see the doctor if the pain won't go away in few days, but since I can sit normally I don't think anything's broken

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I already knew that one of my exes were otherkin. Today I learnt that another one of them is fictionkin.
Don't date people you meet at cons.

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>Finally get 20 followers on my lolita tumblr
>Only one of them keep liking my stuff

This is really motivating to go on

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>have week-long breakout
>pimples all around sides of mouth, chin, front of jaw
>stubborn fuckers more resistant than they should be
>impossible for it to be hormones, which is what google suggests for breakouts in that area
>figure maybe my skin is purging due to a new product in my skincare routine
>decide to give it another week or so to see if it improves or worsens
>last night
>sit down to do resin
>put on mask
>feels super itchy against pimples
>then it hits me
>the breakout is confined to EXACTLY where this mask sits on my face
>where the masks always sit on my face
>been doing resin daily for about a week, always following minimal safety precautions of mask+gloves
>the hours spent daily making kawaii glitter trash is wrecking my skin

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I'm leaving town right before ILD. I've missed out on four ILD meets in a row and it feels bad watching my comm bond without me. I guess I'll just try to dress up while on vacation.

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>finally score my dream dress, and at an amazing price
>it comes in the mail, everything's sweet, don't notice any issues
>fast forward one week
>open wardrobe to hang up clothes
>notice BO smell
>weird, i wash everything after i wear it
>sniff some dresses
>notice underarm sweat marks on dream dress accompanied by a very ripe smell

for the love of god, please wash things when you sell them!!!

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