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>when you make a new friend and all they want to do is talk to you about kinks

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I don't know why I come here, I saw somebody post about /cgl/ on /fa/ and visited once out of curiosity and ever since I've keep on coming back. I'm not really interested in cosplay that much, I've never really took part in it or the community much. I've watched a few videos on people making their costumes and stuff and I thought it was interesting. I honestly think one of the reasons is seeing how passionate a lot of people are about this subject and I like hearing about the things people like. Another reason being because I like girls with niche or uncommon hobbies and passions. I like coming here to see that even though it makes me kind of sad because all the girls around where I live are super shallow and seem like boring, cookie cutter people. I think this board kind of gives me hope that I'll find someone with a passion for something like a lot of you have. Also the community here is really nice, you all seem like great people.

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