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Nothing about this really says lolita aside from the dress's silhouette. To pull off something like this and make it feel like it fits with lolita style, you need to pay attention to details. Your hair is gorgeous but unstyled, the blouse is really normie and leaves your chest bare, and your accessories are really minimal. The footwear I get because of health and long con days, but that does mean the rest of your look needs to be polished to compensate.

Look for those resin game controller charms that pop up on aliexpress and etsy (you can also get a mold to make them yourself, if you work with resin, but they're cheap enough to buy pre-made too). They'd work for making accessories or using as an accent on bows. You could even do fake "buttons" down the front of the bodice with them, or bows with a charm in the center.

Please don't do fake corset lacing, it rarely looks good on handmade and will overwhelm an already busy print.

Also, you may want to censor your name - it's visible on the badge in the center photo at full size.

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