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Found an Ita.

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This girl is permeating with a profound amount of mental illness. It is astounding she has the amount of following. Lives as a man while presenting as feminine and partnered with another woman who presents themselves as male. Wut?

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Hows the crunch going, anons?
How much time do you have?
How much are you trying to accomplish?
How bad do you wanna die rn?

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Great set up, terrible outfit. At least the first one reminds me of a fusion between a brand photoshoot of somekind and one of the weirder street snaps.

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>Others wear collars outside for kind
>wear collars because i just really love five inch spikes
>confused for kink
It's not your fault that I had bad situational awareness back in highschool, but I', also a little pissed that someone out there is giving the misgivings some weight,

>trans talk itt
Leave transfolks alone. Shitty trans folks isn't like nazis. This isn't a "One guillotine fits all" situation. The one gross transgril is just gross and should be treated like a gross person. Because they are. But non gross non-asshole transfolk who mind their business should just be left alone.

In actual CGL related news, this will be my first time around other lolitas. And I know i'm poor and fat and will likely get posted. But I'm looking forward to Paradiso. If nothing else it'll be a good chance to learn by example and do better.

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I always worry about going to cons because despite trying to tone it down I'm a cringy person. I am trying to get better but I always worry that people think badly of me in the community.
I just want friends and to have a good time!

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Hopefully we survive this coming year comrade.

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