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>How do I style her weird hair floofs
You will need to do some teasing, but there is a way to make them not crunchy. So what you'll see on Tiktok is newbie cosplayers teasing the hell out of the entire wig or strand and then brushing it out which leaves that awful texture. Instead, what you'll want to do (and what many pro's do) is to use a sandwich or layering method. First, separate the hair into two parts: the inner and outer layer. The inner layer requires the most hair and will be the portion you tease and hairspray to create the strong base. Then, you take the thin inner layer and just brush it on top of the teased inner portion and smooth it out -- thus making the spike or hair floof appear to be smooth and not crusty, but still have volume. This is a good method for any kind of spikes or teasing you need to do for a wig.

>Her blouse is very strange, it has a kind of red trim to it and has a strange floral pattern.
Perhaps I'm just blind, but I don't see a floral pattern on her blouse. Unless you're talking about the scallop trim? If that's the case then yes, it's easy to add that to a blouse. Typically you would sandwich the trim in between the layers when sewing the collar, but you could easily add it on top or underneath a premade collar. It would look the cleanest to put it underneath the collar, but if you use clean handstitching along the scallops it should look like intentional topstiching.

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