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The rule is, if you buy it from the Disney store -- disneystore.jp, then it's gonna be cheap (literally cheap, like $100 dresses, not $250), and nasty fast fashion. You just can't halve the price tag of a lolita dress, put both Disney and burando tags on it, print it in full colour, and still expect something other than cheap, fast fashion disposable plastic dresses.

If you buy it from the burando store (eg- angelicpretty-onlineshop or babyssb), then the dress will be more expensive due to paying for Disney licensing, but the quality will be on par with their usual releases and it won't suck quite as hard.

Anon for some reason posted all of AP's dresses from disneystore.jp (ie the cheap stuff) and then all the btssb/aatp dresses from babyssb (ie the expensive stuff).

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