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You don't have to tell me I'm screaming into the void, I'm well aware, but this is the dream dress thread after all!

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AP Carnival OP or JSK in pink x sax. I know it’s probably impossible, but I’m still gonna try! And AP Secret Garden JSK or OP in pink. I have a lead for this one but maybe I’ll get a more local seller!

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WTB my dream dresses, AP Carnival JSK or OP in sax x pink, and AP Angelic Garden JSK or OP in pink! Yes, I know I'm screaming into the void about Carnival, you don't have to tell me.

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Forever searching for AP Carnival OP or JSK, pink x sax, and AP Angelic Garden OP or JSK, pink!

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WTB my dream dresses AP Carnival JSK or OP, sax x pink, and AP Angelic Garden JSK or OP, pink!

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