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>consider myself casual/occasional cosplayer
>literally my 2nd cosplay/2nd con in my life ever
>ok let's just make a comfy easy cosplay
>said to myself months ago
>been stressing and planning this cos for a con for months
>some mid-popular girl i admire amongst a group of other cosplayers i admire/am friends with just announced she is going PRECISELY as that character in the EXACT SAME DAY
i literally cannot ruin and change my cosplans either i had everything already planned.

i can already see drama panning out ("this rat copied her YiKeS sksksks") in my head or me looking like an absolute bootleg monkey abomination compared to her. or both.

the bonus?
The next day i "copy" her I got a group photoshoot.
she is part of that group.

i am so fucking stressed out .

cosplaying was supposed to be a hobby and im literally fucking stressing and even financially healthly harming myself over this shit.

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