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found the 'lolita at heart'.

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Dude go to /fa/ for Western goth. I know the lack of goth fashion threads is distressing, but you're really in the wrong board. Plus your attitude is needlessly antagonistic.
Also iirc the Ghost-Look was popular for goth at one point, so chill, my dude. Broaden your horizons or something.

tl;dr you're in the wrong neighborhood, /fa/-kun

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Nyart, but plenty of transgirls just want to pass and be kawaii as hell. They're normie more than lolita, so you might not see them but they're there. We're just unlucky that sissies get off on the things we like.

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You finally understand why we’re all vestal virgins who only care about burando and saving ourselves for Mana-sama

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Not good enough

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>implying I'm a brain dead sweet lolita
Stupid of you to even assume that I don't wear lolita daily because of what I said. I agree items shouldn't be judged on relevance, but that's how it is these days. A lot of girls chase the latest trends and don't actually care about developing their own unique style or taste. By denying that as truth you're either a newfag or incredibly naive.
I say around $275 or maybe more depending on the condition?

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kek, so defensive. Take a better shot next time, the coord could be nice if we could even see what's going on with it.

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>babbling nonsense

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