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I like both for different reasons and applications, but thats just my tastes.

It is a HELL of a lot cheaper though. I made this image for the crafting threads a long time ago and here you can see the breakdown of each

Its not perfect but gives you an estimate. Of course you can always plug your own numbers in. Iirc its in CAD and based of Canadian prices, and using my preferred UV resin+shipping and not the cheapest option

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Ive been using epoxy for awhile now but Ive grown interested in UV resin. I just wanted to compare the prices and amount you get, heres what I found out in pic related for anyone interested. Prices are in CAD.

I used the 16 oz envirotex bottle in my example because thats what I like to use. I dont like to get the 32 oz bottle as I rather refresh my resin quicker instead of having the big bottles around and go gross. I used the price off of amazon but iirc I think I get it cheaper at Michaels with the 40% off coupon.
After this I looked around for cheaper UV resin and the cheapest option I could find was $30 for 55 g, which would equal $2.30 per piece.

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