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So like, I’m new, don’t tear me apart but I want to start wearing lolita a lot more again. I got extremely sick for a few years, a gained a bunch of weight due to my medication, and had to sell a ton of my wardrobe. I missed out on a lot due to the infection and its gotten me depressed. But I’ve been given the green light and can work out normally again cause I’m not sick anymore. Do any of y’all have any work outs or things to recommend to lose weight/ keep a lolita figure?

I don’t want anything to lead to an eating disorder, that’s the last thing I want LOL (i was sick before i dont need to be sick again!) but any advice on getting and maintaining a lolita figure would be great.

(Whatever a lolita figure means desu). I’m also terrified of /fit/ so I asked here instead cause at least y’all know what I’m talking about.

I'm motivated to try and get back to as normal as I possibly can.

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