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AGONY if it could have been listed two weeks from now, i would have been able to buy it.

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Shit dude

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>tfw my shoulders are slightly too big to fit any brand blouses comfortably

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How do so many people lose detachable parts from their pieces? I swear to god, every time I find somebody selling Dreamy Baby Room, the star brooch is missing.

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Sorry I have a shitty attitude from constantly having to explain myself to healthies for the last six months and also every day before that

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prev: >>10437095

Is Mulberry Chronicles dead? I tried to get something but it said checkout was disabled.

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Am I pretty much restricted to sweet, if I can't wear high heels? I mean, sure, there is a spot in my heart for sweet, but I adore gothic and (especially) classic more.

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Maybe you're just sheltered anon.

>came into work to pick up some things
>coworker lifts my skirt "to see what makes it poofy" keep in mind this is an 80 year old woman who really should know what a petticoat is jfc.

>different time, walking to the central station of my city
>man grabs me by the arm, pulling me to a stop (we were walking in opposite directions) just to stare?? He grabbed me quite hard and it kind of hurt.

They are probably the worst but everyone also gets the """"smartass"""""
>wheres your sheep?
>halloween is in october
>hi alice
>why are you dressed like this
>losers honking at you or saying shit from their car
typical bullshit.

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theres a lot of tutorials for beginner cosplay makeup, but i cant find any lists of products to buy.
im a woman, but ive never done my own makeup, like, ever, because im an androgynous dyke.
i sorta kinda get the process, but im at a loss as to what specifically to use. im very pale if that helps. like porcelain tier pale.

pic related, mfw my normie sister refuses to help teach me

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>cute print concept

>shitty cuts
>no pink
>no fun lace trim
>no headbow
>awkward print misalignment at waist

Fucking hell, AP.

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By this logic I guess all lolitas are sex perverts who only wanna get fucked by their daddies while acting like 5 year old minors.
Guess we deserve that reputation as well then, huh. Guess I'll cry

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Only one of my 1st graders are blind so I think I'll be safe with them at least.

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I hope for a truck to hit and kill me so I don't have to put up with all this bullshit anymore.I'll do a raffle for my brand.

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I slept way too much, I need to list some of my brand for sale but I have no motivation to get up and do anything. I miss being excited about things.

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Oh she doesn't know, I'm closeted. I feel really bad about this crush and thought I was over it but this proves I'm clearly not.

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Snow is alright but beautycam had cuter all over filters. oh well

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So I stopped hearing back from a lot of community groups I help out with all at once. It seemed weird because some of these groups have, in the past, wanted my help so badly that they've paid me to show up when it's suppose to be volenteer work.
But now I know what happened, because someone came out and told me; Because I wear Lolita and I moved in with my Dad after my Mom died... Everyone thinks I'm f***ing my Dad for money to buy the "weird little girl clothes". This is a small town, I've started asking around more... It seems like everyone over 30 is convinced this is true and everyone under 30 is enough of a weeb to know it's not true.
What do I do? I have a boyfriend, we are saving to buy a home, we don't want to waste money in the meantime so we're both living with our respective parental units... I literally buy a second-hand dress maybe once every six months, I'm not running around town in new brando... Do I just stop wearing Lolita entirely (I wear it once every other week or two)? Do I make some weird rant post on face book out of the blue about rumors of incest not being true? I can't believe liking a style of clothing did this to my life.

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Thanks gulls. Unfortunately, my dad noticed me doing it, and began mocking me by copying whatever I said while practicing. When I told him to please stop, he acted like I was the bad guy, and said he wanted to try ventriloquy too. My mom swooped in and defended him and told me I should teach him how to get better. He has no interest in ventriloquy, he just doesn't want me to feel comfortable doing anything ever, he's a terrible narc who feeds off my misery and actively tries to deter me from doing anything I enjoy. Back to being depressed, wish me luck on getting out of this hellhole so I can finally be happy for more than 12 hours at once.

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