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Get some non-reverse searchable nudes (pretty easy to find, but you can stop by /b/ or something if you're really at a dead end). Grab a bunch that at least look like the same person if they aren't actually the same person (this is where poorly lit torso shots come in handy). The more you get, the better. You want it to be a gradual thing, have them slowly gain trust in you. Drop the bomb too early and it'll be easy to tell you're catfishing.

Make sure you drop insecurities onto them - they'll latch onto those like no tomorrow. They're going to want to feel like they're helpful to you, that you're vulnerable and in need of protecting, and that nobody but them (because they're such "nice guys") would take out the time of day to listen to your woes. DON'T start with insecurities about not having a boyfriend, it will raise red flags. Start out with generic stuff about not being pretty, having a bad childhood, depression, etc. Bonus points if you get something they can personally relate to.

Make sure to stroke his ego every now and then, but don't go overboard. Just enough for him to feel like he just may have a chance with you. Find out a hobby of his and make it seem like you're partially interested or something. They're going to get to the point where they earn enough confidence to try flirting, and that's when you know you're doing well. Don't initially respond to it, but don't make it sound like you're disgusted either. You want to keep it in a vague zone so they go crazy over whether you're interested or not in them. By this point, you should have already brought up your lolita hobbies to them, so it won't be any surprise when you send them links to random stuff you're fawning over and saying stuff like "THIS IS CO CUTE!!! AAAAAAAH, I NEED TO WAIT UNTIL NEXT PAYCHECK BUT IT MAY BE GONE FML" and have it come off naturally as venting rather than requesting. Then, if they're mr.nice, they'll offer to get it as a gift.


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Except that I'm sure nobody has the same wages at that job. I 'm certain that you that your wage is completely different from every one of your co-worker's wages. There's a reason why workplaces discourage discussion of wages - it only takes one conversation to realize that some people are grossly over and under compensated for doing the same exact job. Pretty much every hiring manager will lowball you on your starting salary expecting you to negotiate, but most people just take what they can get. This is especially true for women, who aren't usually conditioned to be confrontational.

Go ahead and try getting a lawyer - all they have to do is point to the salary of another co-worker, who is also male, and makes less than the salary of the guy you're using as an example.

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Cut it out, they're into that

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