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I'm glad you like it!

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>At Disney for race weekend
>On the bus for the 5K
>Older woman sits next to me
>We start talking about Disney, she mentions she's been to Tokyo Disneyland
>Talk about that for a while
>Oh yeah I'd love to go there, especially for the shopping haha
>"Yeah my daughter and I went to Harajuku, bought all the dresses"
>stutter out Y-You mean like lolita fashion?
>She starts talking about her daughters dresses and that her and her friends go out for meetups
>She's in the Cincinnati comm

Cincinnati-chan if you lurk here, your mom was the highlight of my day! Hope she did well!

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Ahhh thanks so much you guys!

Also hey OP this was one of the best threads we've had in a long time, I hope we continue this!!

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