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If you want to weed out fetishists and predators the minimum should be two X chromosomes.

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fuck i hate men. kys moid.

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>you: the sun damages your hair, you absolutely must wear a wig!
>also you: you're narrowminded, because you're against wigs
My point still stands, real hair (your own real hair) is always best hair.

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I heard Misako get's Botox. she never ages. kek

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So you’re infatuation with her is to a creepy stalker level. Okay anon.

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Oh, my soft sister. It's the little things in life that bring true joy... Like an extra ring in a lucky pack, or sniping someone at the last moment on an auction. Did "Angelic Bretty" not bring you joy? Consider it as a gift, a moment of my charity and loving correctness, crystallised in time forever just for your amusement. You're welcome

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