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Why is there a severe lack of funposting on this board?

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>People who show up just to party

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You guys sure sound like the life of the party

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Because current jannies don't believe in fun.

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I know most of them are bullshit but I guess that's the fun of it. I didn't mean to be a buzzkill, as long as people acknowledge that Tanuki isn't a reliable source of information, let's enjoy it.

I peaked at the caliā‰ gari thread, not much to it. Funniest thing I saw was multiple people saying Ao is cute and smells good. Even that wonderful old gay man has obsessive fans it would seem. Wholesome.

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>not the boss of me

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Guys come on, keep it serious. This is a serious thread for serious topics. Seriously.

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Aside from the ones listed, I don't like when people decorate their bag with shit that doesn't fit the character. A lot of base bags have cute bows, scallops, lace, heart shapes, flowers, etc. which looks really weird with certain characters.
I mean, there is a way to make it work (like a lot of the cute Reaper stuff), but you have to make it look intentional.
Most of the time it's just a serious/dark/cool character in a cutesy dolled-up base bag and it's just a bit jarring to me.

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>being this deep on the spectrum

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Jeez, tough crowd.

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this thread

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Secrets inevitably venture into "talking-about-a-specific-person" territory. How dare we hurt someone's little feelings.

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>Attention whores like you are what's ruining this hobby. Couldn't you just have stayed with the cosplayers? Oh right, I forgot it isn't dominated by males for you to use.
>males for you to use

>MRA detected!
>Buttmad virgin levels exceeding 133%!
>>Please visit a prostitute immediately to lose your virginity!

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Go with kawaii. There are more ways you can do it and still be respectable. I have a bias against weeb dens though. Something about a room full of anime posters and figurines makes me want to turn away in shame.

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Shit looks good to me. Byndo always does fun stuff.

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