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>had a dream where the sticky was actually updated and shitposters were banned
>conversation was productive
>newfags didn't clog the catalog with useless one question bullshit because the sticky was helpful and well laid out
>wake up and /cgl/ is still just garbage

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I think i may actually die soon. I've been having a lot of migraines, nosebleeds, and seizures recently and the doctors don't quite know what's wrong. It's hard to love day to day. I used to dress up in lolita 4-5x a week, but now I'm down to once or twice every two.

My closet will probably rot. I'm afraid of turning into another Goodwill-chan, where my closet I've collected since 2010 slowly bleeds out through there, but it's looking more and more likely every time I have another seizure.

I won't get to see my favorite Vkei band again, I think. I won't get to meet new lolitas, I think. I'm scared y'all

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>tfw only child but always wanted to be an onee-san looked up to by a cute imouto-tan
>tfw you cling to your younger female cousins to try and fill this void but it's not as deep/consistent as it would be if they were your real sister

I'd make a great big sister too fuck. I legitimately confused this feeling with being attracted to girls for years but it turns out all I want is to be a cool big sis.

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The first time I went to a con in ages a really cute guest who I admire tried to hit on me but I'm so autistic I laughed in his face about it. He was really nice the other times I ran into him and would still smile and talk to me but holy shit I physically hurt thinking about how badly I dropped my sphagetti when he first walked up to me.

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why does this exist

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>run into one of the guests as they're going back to their room
>he goes out of his way to say hi to me
>80% sure he thinks i'm cute
>100% I think he's cute
>can only muster a laugh at his attempt to talk to me because I'm autistic

Someone kill me.

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