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I bet you that's titty milk

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I deadass thought this was PT for a sec.
I think i need to get more sleep...

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Now that im home i'll share a bit of Fred, he was a anime loving, manga drawing, naruto running, headband wearing, baka-swearing weeb at my high school that shared 4 of my fucking classes.

>5'8, 320lbs, greasy hair to his shoulder blades, wire rim glasses, and a severe disdain for anything not japanese
>Everything his owned had to be weeb-gucci
>Limited edition figurines that he kept pictures of inside of his anime themed trapper keeper
>Semi-nude key chains on his keys/cellphone
>Made a point to correct people with the japanese word of any word he picked out of a sentence
>Now this little habit of his earned him a place in the 'do not talk to' cliche of the school, and it was so bad he would hide behind library shelves and other bullshit in order to hear you talking and then pop out to explain that cellphone or spaghetti was said in japanese
>Earned the nickname Gopher Weeb because he was hiding in a fucking giant potted plant and popped out at a couple of girls and thought it would be kawaii so random, I suppose.
>Golden moments would be when he would try to steer any lesson we were in to the Japanese, and when we went over Japanese Internment Camps in the U.S he went nuclear and compared the U.S to Nazi Germany
>Im talking spittle flying out of mouth, shaking with rage, red in the face fury as he condemned the actions of the U.S against, and I quote, "The Chosen People"
>Teacher had no idea what to do so she sent him to the main office for detention or whatever
>Takes a personal grudge against the teacher and begins drawing the most insane, badly drawn hentai of her I have ever seen
>Only reason I knew of it is that he dropped some papers, and me not wanting to be a dick to the looming school shooter bent down to help pick them up
>Piece of paper had her being multi-tentacle graped by this squid monster with the head of Asuka cackling madly and him on her back in some kind of... Jojo like design
>Hand him back the paper and pop smoke

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