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Haven't had to deal with one in a LARP situation, but I assumed it would be like finding out about one in any other situation: they will have a very unfortunate fall down multiple flights of stairs before the cops are called.

I still can't believe how long it's been.

Seconding Adamant, but if you need to build up bulk, go with 1/8 or 1/4 in thick sheet batting, like for quilts. After you pieced it together to get the measurements you want, make a new slipcover either from scratch out of some sort of stretchy material, or by using a very tight t-shirt. Pick related, my boyfriend likes piecing together like this over using the adjustable dress form to ensure a good fit on clients, but it's cheap enough to just tear off and do again when needed.

doesn't really matter. Unless you're making clothing that exists after the popularizing of industrial sewing, any machine stitch is obvious.

This is said, it doesn't matter for larps unless you personally want it. even then, but a lot of reenactors do, is use it for hidden stitching like inside seams, and then hand finish any exposed stitching.

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