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i feel exactly the same. i had so many people stop and ask for photos, yet i didn't see a single one online or even get posted to the facebook group of the con. feelsbadman

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Here's a nice hefty blogpost.

I broke up with my girlfriend of three years about a month ago, it was a mutual thing, there were problems that we had with each other that we had just been ignoring and everything kind of added up.
Since then I've started talking to new girls, and I've been feeling pretty good about it.
A few days ago I hooked up with a girl off Tinder. I have a habit of wanting to pussy out and cancel a lot, so I made sure to go through with it because I need to experience some new things.
The minute we were done, I felt awful. It just felt meaningless. Sure it was kinda fun but in the same way that picking scabs is kinda fun. We ended up watching Wheel of Fortune for three hours because I just didn't want to do anything.
Since then, I've felt like absolute shit. I'm miserable every night. I wouldn't call it depression, I just feel sad, but not sad because I've broken up with her. It's just melancholy.
I think it's because I still have a crush on a girl I'm good friends with. I know it's not just pure lust, since I don't have any sexual attraction to her really, I just really like her.
It's not going to happen though, I've known that for about four years, so I've convinced myself that I'm not interested in her.
Lately I've realised that I would like to be with her, or at least close friends with her.
So to combat all this, I've gone into hardcore retail therapy mode. I'm in overdraft right now, and will likely still be in overdraft when I get paid next week. I have more stuff than I know what to do with. I need to keep myself occupied because that way I don't need to think, and that way I don't get sad.
Also I'm very nostalgic about my mid teen years, and as a result I haven't really matured since then. It was a problem when I was in a relationship, and some of my old friends I'm talking to are telling me I need to grow up, or something similar.

tl;dr I'm an overspending mess because I'm a baby that can't handle emotion

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>tfw can't handle alcohol/drink responsibly
>tfw i'm finding it to be a social hurdle
>haven't really seen any of my friends (because w the exception of my bestie and my bf, they're all huge drunks who try to get me to get super drunk every time we hang out, and haven't respected my efforts to quit/curtail my drinking in the past)

>quit drinking 5 months ago, except for a few days ago where i decided to try and drink responsibly and it backfired horribly, ending in me blacking out and waking up at 6am in my friends' spare bedroom, soaked in piss

>since i can't drink, i can't really go anywhere/do anything for halloween
>ppl will only want to go to bars or parties and i don't want the temptation
>really sad, no costume planned, really love dressing up though and i wish i had somewhere to wear something
>but it just seems too late to put effort into anything now
>glimmer of hope when i realize i can get into cosplay though, and that's pretty much year-round
>and at least that doesn't entirely revolve around drinking

>tfw when the only thing i'm doing for halloween is potentially going to see rocky horror picture show w my mother, at least she'll hang out w me and i can relax and enjoy myself (cant hang w bf or bestie because they live far)

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Well that was a fun day out, though it sure ended quickly enough.

Now for the post-con blues to sink in until HyperJapan.

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