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>friend keeps trying to flirt with me
>don't reciprocate, just awkwardly step around it
>one day they outright confess to me
>turn them down
>they ask why we can't be in a relationship if we're such good friends and both single
>just tell them I'm not attracted to them
>they ask why not
>knew this was coming and feel bad that I have to outright say it
>tell them it's because they're obese and refuse to take care of themselves. They're fun to hang with but have a disgusting lifestyle that I want little to nothing to do with
>they get mad and call me shallow
>ask them why I have to change my standards just because they want me
>is simply angry with me but still awkwardly tries to flirt a few days later

What did they expect? I go to the gym nearly every day of the week and constantly tell them stories about stuff that happens in it. Why would they think I would be interested in some one who just lets themselves become disgusting blobs? That would've honestly been the final straw on for my tolerance to bear with them, but no one else talks to me as much and my days get really lonely with no one else around...

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