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yeah it's literally upholstery gobelin, probably wasn't the smartest choice but I liked the pattern!

anyway, I did wind up undoing the ruffles because I hated the way they draped, redid them as very loose pleats and the result looks much better imo, this fabric is very stiff so it needed more structure. i decided to forgo the second layer of ruffles and the rest of the lace I planned to add bc I loved the simpler silhouette. this is essentially the final product, thrown on to snap some pics in right after I finished it. first time lining a dress, never doing it again. not 100% happy with it, but I love the shape (and need a stronger petti)! will make more a-lines, I think. thanks to everyone who chimed in on my stubborn endeavor.

as a side note, I had just enough fabric left to make a simple, low poof rectangle skirt, will post pics whenever I get around to finishing it.

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