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I feel bad for the unsuspecting teens and unwarned vendors, for whom this may have been their first run in with Kopf. It's not like investigating the owners of a convention is the first thing you do when you're planning a con, for most people. If you knew and still went, this is pretty "just deserts"
At least this is most likely some kind of illegal, so i look forward to seeing how this shakes out.

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What's the best way to display rings?
I have a jewelry box but most of my rings aren't flat and can't fit into it. Dresser space is limited and i don't feasibly feel like i could fit any more flat surfaces into my room without crowding it. Any suggestions?

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Grats on the happiness. ow it's up to you to keep it going.
Good luck maintaining your calorie levels. I hear its hard to not accidentally starve yourself for those that hate eating.

Cooking used to be the Thing I was Good At. Now i'm in a similar boat. I don't want to cook anymore ever. Meaning all i'm eating is instant junk and i keep gaining weight. I'm also sick of carbs and sugars. They're all all i ever eat anymore because i never want to cook the meat and the fruit vanishes in like a day. I'm starting to think i'm lactose intolerant, or at least not as used to milk products as i used to be.

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>go to lolita event in another city
>geet a really nice girl among the event staff
>can't get her out of my head by the end of day 1
>let myself enjoy the pleasant feeling of kinda crushing on someone because I haven't experienced it in years and it's not like we're gonna see each other again for like another year
>run into her at the after party (didn't think staff members would be there)
>kinda hit it off, talk a bit, dance together a bit, I jokingly ask her to write her contact info on my hand and she does it. We're a bit tipsy and kinda flirting and it's great
>the next day, I muster all my courage and IM her
>she responds, we spend the next couple of weeks talking almost every day
>turns out we have a lot in common, she's funny and witty and although I kinda pushed myself onto her she's always nice and friendly and asks about my life and hobbies and stuff like she genuinely gives a fuck
>nothing on her social media and in her words suggests that she's not single, and I never know how to ask people about their relationship status casually, so I just don't (big mistake)
>tell myself that it's just a shallow crush anyway, and that if things go south I can bounce back from it any moment
>I spontaneously decide to go to their city for a small lolita event about a month after the first event because fuck it
>tell staff-chan about it and drop a suggestion that, whether she was planning on attending it or not, maybe we could hang out while I'm there
>the almost-daily chatting continues as usual
>a little over a week before the event we're talking and staff-chan shares that she's excited because today her gf is moving in with her
>feels like my chest has been ripped open, spend the rest of the day crushed and miserable
>the next day I've calmed down a bit so I try to convince myself that it sucks that my crush didn't pan out, but it would be really stupid to lose a potentially really cool friend just because I had other plans that were doomed anyway

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/pol/ polite and on topic, like a war meeting discussing how the Jews are behind it, sure.
Pic related

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That feel when all the best memes were new well before your time

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>Finally have a nice group of lolita friends, wearing lolita clothes daily, depression getting better, etc.
>My boyfriend, a medical student, is assigned to a hospital in the ass end of nowhere.
>Like 4 hours away from my lolita friends and no big cities or nice comms nearby.
>Rural place, I won't be able to find work.
>We'd be stuck for two fucking years, and maybe longer.

I'm heartbroken. I really don't want to break up with him, we've been together for five years and he's pretty much marriage material. But if I move there, I'll be wasting the second half of my twenties sitting depressed in a field of sheep. I love Kamikaze Girls, but I don't want Momoko's shitty-ass life.

Knowing myself, I'll just go with him and be lonely and low-key suicidal for the next two years, but dammit, I was actually starting to enjoy my life. I worked so hard to put myself back together after a horrible time at university, and now I worry it's all going to go backwards again. And I love my comm and lolita friends... I don't want to lose them. This is pretty much a nightmare.

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