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I'm continuously refreshing secondhand sites to find my dream dress

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when will my british bear reservation return from the war

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>Sounds like an excuse for a shopping addiction.

oof you might be onto something anon

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I miss my comm and friends so much, I legit spent an hour crying over how much I miss them. I wish I had never moved so far.

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This one?

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I've spent $800 on VM's newest collection alone.

It's not enough.

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> when did you discover lolita? how old were you?
i discovered it in highschool when my nice weeb friend told me i reminded her of kanon wakeshima. i was 14 then.

> what substyle first interested you?
2010 AP sweet

> what was your first dream dress? did you ever get it?
i think it was the AP tokimeki girl OP, i got it sometime last year

> first brand dress?
AP dreamy baby room JSK. i was a wee 14 year old visiting AP SF for the first time and didn't know it was kind of polarizing. no regerts, it's still cute

> did any particular coords, pics, media, etc make you fall in love with lolita?
sifting through the GLBs had a part in making me want to actually wear it

> how have your tastes changed?
i focused a lot on buying my favorite AP prints, but now that my wardrobe is full of them i just buy solids/simple patterns. dabbling in classic. lolita in general doesn't make me as excited as it used to. i think i bought too much in too short of a time and the glimmer wore off.

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I'm so lonely and yet I can't keep in touch with anyone else than my bf and dresses. Everytime I manage to see someone I'm just an awkward idiot and regret leaving my hole. I wish my dresses could talk back to me when I feel lonely.

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Lol yes, it me! I'll message you about this haha <3

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I've been a lolita for 8 years and I've never thought about "leaving." I think it helps that I'm a lonelita with only one lolita friend. Sure I buy things from other Jfashion and switch it up to other kawaii fashions sometimes but it's never crossed my mind to quit.

I think people who make lolita into more of a social activity are the ones who usually have periods of considering quitting because of drama or something along those lines. It gets wrapped up in pettiness and less enjoyable that way.

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Okay, two possible options here:
> Your workplace is not a healthy environment
> You need to get your mental health in check

I obviously don’t know the situation beyond what you’ve said, but what you’re describing isn’t normal. Do you have a HR department/someone at work to talk to about your situation? Can you afford seeing a doctor right now? At least in burgerland, reasonable accommodation exists for a reason.
As for your stay-at-home “friends”, it’s far more honorable to contribute to society with a job then lounge around at home taking pictures with lawn ornaments. The rest of your comm either has skewed priorities, or are giving pity compliments.

On-topic feels:
> Went a little wild with building more work-appropriate lolita wardrobe
> Probably should buy shoes, accesories
> Keep buying main pieces
I should probably be saving more for some impending medical bills, but getting myself cute things distracts from the pain.

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I've had facial reconstructive surgery including rhinoplasty, buccal fat pad reduction and chin implant. A few weeks ago I had my first restaline filler to get rid of smile lines and sunken eyes.
Next week I have an appointment to get my lips filled.

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i have this weird "imposter syndrome" complex that makes it hard to relate to people... and on top of that, i'm afraid that if i reveal too much information about myself to someone like a follower, they'll totally hate me or be disappointed in my personality.

so in the end it's my fault for keeping my distance, but i can't shake the feeling that i'm just not worth contacting anybody.

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Just bought my last DD. Why do I feel so sad?

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Will there ever be a con that sells lolita like Anime Matsuri

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i'm a diehard pastel vom sweet lolita but the depression hit and i haven't been able to bring myself to buy anything like that or wear the fashion for months

my style is leaning more towards twee burando officewear from IW, JM, and MILK because it seems more practical but i hope i'm able to find interest in lolita again, or else it was thousands of dollars wasted

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You're welcome
I think bows on the pink wigs would be very qt
I think there may be some that might do it with their own shapewear!

What's the most Lolita way to die tho
I think being crushed under the weight of all my brand is the way to go

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