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I just want Mary Madgalene back. Please.

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well my a1c has been under 6 since the year after I got diagnosed, and that was merely 15 years ago, and my toes are numb and I'm blind in my right eye
deterioration happens at different rates, k8's is visibly from just not giving a shit about herself, she looks like she doesn't even wash her face, but I wasted my entire life worrying about this shit, and I'm still dying too
Proud for you babe, jfc, keep fighting the good fight
I've done everything they ever told me too, but it just won't stop
sage for offtopic
ban me for blogposting; it's not helping anyone

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Where are my >40cm shoulder width at? OPs and blouses are hell for me, even bodyline blouses. How do I combat looking top heavy as fuck

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I don't wanna make a whole thread about it, so i'm just going to ask here out of context. I'm not sure if it's a stupid question or no.
I've never wore anything lolita or jfash, but I wanna start. I just don't wanna look ita. Any advice?

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Got into a fight and the other person ripped out a good chunk of my hair. Now I have to find a wig for Paradiso.

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same, anon. Same.

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