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>wake up
>check closet child on the dot. Bots bought my DD in .5 seconds
>rage wakes me up better than any morning coffee
>check the value of the yen. It went down again
>celebrate the failure of the Japanese economy with a buyee shopping spree
>warmth from second hand shopping calms my nerves
>argue on cgl over an ita tranny trying to shoehorn their fat rolls into Angelic Pretty
>finally leave room at 7am for a cup of tea
>get tea on my burando jammies
>God damn it these will never resell for over $30 on lace market now
>go back to room and put on a Coord
>take a picture of said Coord and go back to bed at 4pm after arguing with Wunderwelt customer service again.
>wake up at 7pm to check closet child again
>snag 50ยข meta SK
>$30 shipping
>back to bed to be well rested for the neck drop

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