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What the fuck happened to this board?

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It is real. Are the reply bots a real thing? Every board I go to it's the same stupid replies. I'm going crazy. I've been on 4chan too long.

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>Women are just poorly designed
Not this again. Protect me Mana from the scrotes and the idiots taking their bait.

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d..do you think she meant the *other* lolita

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I had to leave a meet early because I got a call that my fiancée was in the emergency room. I went straight to the hospital without time to change. I walked in in full gosurori and all of my in-laws were already there.

I’m male.

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I hate how the weird brolitas (and sissies pretending to be brolitas) feel the need to talk to me because I’m a brolita. No, I don’t want to talk about stockings, petticoats, or bloomers. Leave me the fuck alone and let me enjoy my niche fashion.

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>mfw I finally realised whose style I've been trying to emulate for the past 6 years
Fuck I thought I was creative but all along I've been unconsciously trying to be herajika

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There are so many dresses, it's hard to focus on where to start. I see why so many lolitas have huge wardrobes now.

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This is is triggering me to no end. Why so many $20 bills? Why not $100? What do you buy to pay with so many bills? Imagine being a cashier and a customer comes in and buys a $1000 item with 20 dollar bills. Anon why. This is criminal.

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Looks like Aatp. Or is it? What's going on? This timeline becomes more and more confusing.

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Ugh I know I had to move recently though and my sewing machine was stuck at my old place and I finally have it back now. It's not the end of the world if I don't get it done in time, I know that rushing it will only result in it being crappy but I really would like to try to make it for this year.

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>tfw can't decide if I want an ouji gf or want to be the ouji gf

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>Literally fine
>Doesn't realize it's the eye shadow that's wrong here
>MFW picturing what this atrocity looks like in person.

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>go out in a casual, jfash inspired outfit some time ago
>everything's cool
>an old classmate sends me a picture of myself and says "you're in teen vogue"
>think she's joking
>check out teen vogue
>find street style article with a slideshow
>my picture is indeed there
I don't have anywhere else to talk about this, but I'm shook

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mfw seeing my credit score drop after going crazy with purchases last month
>disappointed but not surprised

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>reading through to have reasonable proof to report thread
>is actually a thread dedicated to exposing seedy underbelly of lolita fashion and the anime/manga world
you have my attention op

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>lolita is daily wear for me
>literally don't own any normie clothing that would go well together
>wear casual lolita to an anime club, first time going because shut-in who needs friends
>anime club for ages 14-about 20
>walk into the room at the library
>a bunch of 14-17 year olds, mostly boys but a few girls
>some chubby girl starts bugging me, saying "I saw clothes like that in an anime one time!"
>awkwardly say "haha, well, it's not like it's portrayed in anime"
>starts getting defensive about how anime is the epitome of japanese culture
>some of the guys start laughing at our argument
>say i need to use the bathroom and leave

Just kill me. I thought there would be at least someone with more than 3 brain cells but I guess I got my hopes up.
I-I just want friends who like the same things as me, god dammit.

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When I first heard this I felt kinda gutted, my first “real” foray into NYC was going to include BABY as a major stop. But... retail stores are fucked in nearly every way, except maybe Target which is doing phenomenally. I think it’s less indicative of the fashion as a whole and more general sales trends. That said, the concept of entering a lolita store with everything on display is pretty damn whimsical and I guess I’ll have to go elsewhere to experience it.

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the sad truth of 4chan is that when you try to defend your statement because you know people will call samefag, it just sounds more samefag-y. Now this comment reflecting on the phenomenon will sound both like it's a samefag and fake meta

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The thottery is already spreading in my com. Not so much in the way girls dress (apart from makeup) but in the way they act and discuss lolita. Our com members have always been pretty chill, and new members usually become chill because the old members encourage it. But we've had a few basic bitches come along and they're starting to, I guess, turn? the other girls. It's hard to explain, but it's just the way they act and the conversations they strike up at meets, it's scarily close to basic bitch discourse just with really low grade lolita buzz words thrown in. None of them are bad people, but I just see this clique of over-excited normies developing from all the members who are just past the newbie stage. I feel it's a normal occurrence, but it just seems more thot induced this time round. I feel like they should have mellowed by now, but they all encourage each other.

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I can't smile naturally, in any photos it looks like the camera man is holding me at gunpoint. I'm also terrible at socialising and feel like I somehow make lolita look bad when strangers ask me questions and I stutter and can't make eye contact. I feel like I creep people out at meets because I can't make eye contact and talk like everyone else can.

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>Got in a fender bender while wearing old school
It probably would have made an interesting picture, me in Meta hooker heels and kneesocks, the normie driver, and a policeman.

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