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anyone know the adhesive this dude is using on the leather fabric?

I am trying to copy his work and looked around online for leather adhesives however I only get like little bottles. I need at least a litter or 2 for my project. Basically trying to recreate the armour as in the picture.

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Need help identify what materials are used here

Even the little metal pen like item that he uses to flat the fabric.
Fabric (especially the yellow fabric)
and the adhesive used.

Basically what I am trying to do is to make the armour used in Game of Thrones. I am going to start soon and have it ready by halloween. However I dont want to buy the wrong items.

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Hello everyone, first time posting on this board, I was told you peeps might help.

Well I am trying to create Jon snow's Armour from Game of Thrones and found some videos showing it. However they dont list the materials used. Any Ideas what it is?

I am making it for a halloween costume.

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