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I appreciate the concern.

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This thread was me. I never found him. No /cgl/ archive with it exists, unfortunately, but someone reposted it on /jp/ to make fun of me I guess. I wish I still had the /cgl/ thread to look back on. I got a lot of support from gulls.

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>Get a $200 check from a court settlement
>"Awesome, I'll use this to get something nice for my girlfriend,"
>Buy her a dress from BtssB we've been eying
>Go to cash in check
>My ATM card expired so I can't deposit the check
>Bank always sends new cards to my mother's house, out of state, so it's always a hassle getting them when my card expires
>"Ok, I'll deposit it in the app then"
>App doesn't let me log in because of expired card and wants me to verify my account number before logging in
>"Okay fine, I'll wait until I get home."
>Put check in wallet
>Can't find wallet
>I've been putting it in a different pocket all week because I have a dumb pimple on my thigh that it rubs against
>Probably misplaced it doing a pocket switcheroo
>At worst case scenario I put it in my back pocket and it fell out somewhere
>I'm still happy I bought the dress for her but feels bad I potentially lost the check that was supposed to cover it
>Can't even log into my bank account online to see if someone is potentially using my credit cards because they're asking for my card number, which I of course don't have

I know $200 may not be much to some of you but that's a really big hit for me.My ATM card expiring at the perfect timing for me to cash the check and me having a thigh pimple come out of nowhere was just too perfect of a storm I guess.

I just wanted to do something nice for her with extra cash I found my way. Now I'm going to nap after venting because I needed to take the day off work (wouldn't be able to focus and need time to turn my house upside down). Hopefully after I clear my head with a nap I can look around more and find it.

Goodnight, everyone.

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Not that anon, but there's kind of a different visual appeal in terms of the emphasis that an outfit like the one she wears places on her ass but deliberately having everything but her hips, thighs, and cleavage completely covered up.

I know it really feels like "she isn't showing anything more than a bikini" which is true, but at the same time there's a different visual stimulation going on here. It's like how I'm sure you wouldn't want someone peeking up your skirt even though they'd essentially just see a bikini bottom covered mostly in shadow under there, in most cases.

That being said, Anon really just needs to man up and tell her that he's uncomfortable with the cosplay. You certainly don't own your partner, and you can fully trust that they won't sleep around even if they're wearing something revealing, but relationships are all about give and take. If there's something that you're not fine with, speak up, even if you find it to be silly. If your partner cares about you, they will most likely at least try to empathize with you even if they don't agree. From that point it just becomes a question of how good you two are at communication and compromise.

If my partner didn't want me to do something that I didn't have an issue with, I'd still take their feelings into consideration. To a degree, it's okay to feel somewhat entitled to sharing certain elusive views or intimate actions exclusively with the one you're dating as something that makes them feel special to you. It can be as small as "please don't post pictures of your feet online" which to a lot of people isn't a big deal but to your partner may be something they just want exclusively to be theirs. And that's okay; it doesn't inherently point to being controlling or even the concept of "owning" your partner either. Monogamous relationships are all about setting guidelines and standards about what is and isn't okay to do with other people.

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