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>tfw wasn't fast enough
was way too fast

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I miss tumblr. It was a nice hub for so many things. Even the old abandon homestuck cosplay blogs I use to follow make me feel something.
Twitter is such a fucking shitshow and I hate it.

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Agreed. I'm sick of being shown activity and it's just the same shitty L cosplay over and over again. Mods don't do shit in the group.

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>veronica cosplay
>green "coord"
>veronica's colour is blue

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Meets are hit and miss. We don't have too many. The ones where a lot of people go are usually okay, but any small meets tend to attract the perma-itas. We also only have one mod because two went inactive years ago and the remaining mod doesn't have the ability to add more mods to the FB group. An underage was posting a bunch of unrelated shit in the group. If I were a mod I would have banned her for it.

Our sister comm had a shitshow where a mod chose a completely inappropriate mod and someone got banned for saying it was a poor choice.

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Why did they even let her in in the first place

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>tfw I seriously consider dropping out of university to do an apprenticeship for a more lolita job
What do gulls? On the one hand, the job is literally perfect for my qualities and my ideals but on the other hand it's painfully clichee and I can already see people rolling their eyes, the apprenticeship pay of most companies in my area is painfully low and I already changed my major once.

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>implies cute men are lesser men than burly men
>n-not that there's anything wrong with that!

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Heya, I asked the same thing on /cgl/ but I got no replies, here I go.

If you still live with your parents how can you hide the fact that you're crossdressing?
I'm 19 and I've wanted to try some shit like thigh-highs for starters, but my legs are too hairy to work with, so my only option to pull it off would be shaving them, but that would seem weird since I'm a spic and my family would see it as an odd thing. What should I do?

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Well that was anti-climatic.
>I'm just happy that Misako won

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>What if Zelda was a girl

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>are mostly cheesy ass ball gowns and couture
Well because it's a show for little girls, of course they would be cheesy.

However, this doesn't mean you can't take the essence of the character and create a great cosplay considering the fact she's a fashionista.

Cheesy gowns and outfits don't translate well into real life, this is why you have so much fanart of her in different outfits and why so many people roll with fanart rather than the official designs.

The character is so easy to play with if you know your fashion, but people decide to pick the feathery stole, the shiny long gown with a low cut and call it a day.

You have to interpret the character and its traits, otherwise you're just being lazy.

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>excited for my first /cgl/ meet-up
>mfw remember I'm going to a P!atD concert at the LC instead
>mfw my shitty taste in music once again ruins my life

pour one out for me, seagulls

also, are most of you guys commuters or are you actually from Columbus? because despite being such a large city, i can never find any cosplay community around here besides the Homestucks

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