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>tfw 6'1 220lbs
>mfw 14% bf

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>re-doing an early costume right now
>sewing stretch PVC onto spandex
>reminded how I fucked up that early costume so much
>I make poor decisions.png

Dude, those are straight-up emotionally abusive parents. I would not get back in touch with them for that. If you're brave enough, you could confront them straightforwardly (over email, if that's comfortable) and tell them basically what you've written here. I'm sorry that you grew up with such shit parents, anon, but congrats on moving out and recognising how awful they are.

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I'm still looking. I've gotten pretty desperate tbh. I'm from the Philippines and we have the national comm and all, but it's really terrible. I think they've only done two meetups this past year and, based on their pictures, both meets were solely made up of itas of varying degrees. It's depressing.

I just want to have friends who I could dress pretty and freak out over new releases with, that's it.

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>tfw I will never chase furfags as the pyro screaming a muffled yiff in hell furfags

but then again I am sure someone has done this already

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