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This cemetery looks really familiar...I'm from NY actually. My dad first got me interested and encouraged my fascination with morbid things. He's a bit of a history buff. Wherever we went on vacation, he always had to visit the local cemetery. haha

I'm really into the old horror movies and have been trying to integrate more books with dark themes into my reading. I'm about to start reading a book I dug up somewhere called "With Graciela To the Head-Hunters".

I usually stick to bones and prepare them for mounts. I prefer to use ones I find while on walks that are naturally deceased. This one is a squirrel a friend brought me to prepare. I cleaned it, soaked it in hydrogen peroxide for a few days to whiten it, and then gave it a nice coating of polyurethane spray to preserve it before mounting it. This method of soaking also works with teeth! I found the perfect size jars on ali express to make a cute jar of wisdom teeth. There used to be this great museum in Brooklyn for taxidermy! I'll attach some photos if you like.

I'm a student so I tend to dress kinda cozy for class. Fuzzy black SPR sweaters, and ripped leggings. I basically lived in these boots last winter semester: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0482/6561/products/yrulasospikeyangle.jpg?v=1476393611. My work has a pretty strict dress code so I can only really get away with jewelry.

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