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These contributions are godly. Thank you anons.

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Ugh I want a friend or gf like this

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I totally would! We could have so much fun together

My sexy dream boys and the cute bisexual anon upthread

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I love seeing silly and candid photos of lolitas way more than carefully posed ones. It reminds me that we're all just people having fun in our ridiculous clothes. Sometimes I screenshot funny Instagram posts and stories, but it's not to be a creeper or start a vendetta, and I'll never repost them. It's just that they make me feel happy.
>Just wanted to say that bc I screenshotted something today that I realised later could have been seen as creepy by the poster. I just thought it was cute and cheerful, but now I'm panicking a bit.
>Tbh I'm wondering if I should apologise to her and explain.
>You can see when someone screenshots a pic on Instagram, right?

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i love how they always looked as if they had so much fun. made me fall in love with this fashion even more. and as another anon previously said, the sitting on the ground! its such a "whatever" attitude that i love.

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