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I'm watching the time tick down for an auction like this. What a feel. Please don't outbid me.

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>Celebrating new year's with new group
>Really excited about it
>New friend I like a lot says she'll be giving away presents
>Want to give one back to her
>No idea what her present is going to be though
>Could be anything
>Might be a drawing
>Find some socks I know would fit her style
>Don't know if buying my way out is sound
>Time and inspiration to make some art in return is low

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>waited until a week before a wedding to buy a dress for the theme
>managed to find one in the same state as me, thinking it would be faster to ship
>seller hasn't sent it out yet, wedding is in a few days
>i did this to myself

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>bag for a character from a popular series
>bag is finished but I'm not as happy with it as I thought I'd be
>As the series goes on I start loving another character
>Kind of regret bagging for this character and tempted to sell everything just to buy merch of the other character

it's my own fault and I hate it

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I’m so angry, why is it so hard to get into Anime expo?
I know I’m answering my own question, but they literally let every exhibitor from the previous year get grandfathered in to the next year, and I had been emailing AE since before this convention, asking to buy an exhibitors table, and still they’re sold out.
At this rate, nobody new can show up, it’s just the same tables year after year. How is this fair or smart for AX attendees? Same shit that was there this year are gonna be there next year too. It’s so frustrating, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get in. And I know the AA tables are bullshit FCFS so I won’t be able to get one of those either.

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>Embroidering flowers
>Simple design
>Four rounded petals
>Supposed to be easy
>Keep stressing out over symmetry and shape
>Want the petals to be identical
>Keeps redoing stitches
>Once backpedaled two whole petals
>Finish flower
>Still not happy with it
>Got like nine more to go

God fucking damnit the larp is in like two weeks!

Worst part:
>Oh Anon it will look fine!
>Omg that's so pretty

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What the fuck is taking AP's online shop so long to be back up?

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My listing got removed on Lace market. Literally why? It was an AP dress. Did someone report it and the mods were stupid enough to delete the listing? I see garbage that's hardly even lolita on there all the time, why would an AP dress be removed?
I gave all appropriate information in the description so I really don't understand.
Is there some way to contact the mods about this and get an explanation? I'm genuinely so confused. I just wanna sell this god damn dress.

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>tfw sniper overbid by a fucking reseller
I swear to god if I see that AP dress on Lacemarket I'll lose my shit

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fucking males GET OUT FUUCKKKK

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I already did but they replied "Thank god OUR com is about LOVE and not what people wear"

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