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Uggghh, I know.
The furry community is constantly pissing itself about how fursuits are FAR too expensive, though. No amount of explaining can make them feel anything over 100$ is fair. It's frustrating.
Unless you're a big-name maker, you usually can't get away with charging higher prices that bring you a fair amount of profit for your time.
>I should stop being a doormat, though

Have a shitty MS Paint diagram, anon!

It's time-consuming as hell, but to hide seams, I actually hand-sew most [if not all] of my stuff. It keeps the pile of the fur from being sewn in and leaving gaps in the pile when it's turned right-side out.
The tail picture would have be 7 separate pieces on one side, all with the fur in their corresponding directions. Mirror it for the other side, and sew both sides together.
Boom! Tail!

Shit, if I could find someone to sell me pre-wired LEDs and maybe program servos, I'd pay whatever it'd take.
I want to make blinking eyes, sound-reactive LEDs, color-changing LEDs, moving ears and brows, and all that.

Sorry, I'm just passionate as hell about suits and making them better.

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