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I've been in Lolita for 8+ years and I'm thinking of switching it up with historical underpinnings like a false rump or a shorten bustle. A crinoline would work naturally for Lolita but I'm starting to want that huge ass and flat-ish front.

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>Review services, e.g. brand customer service, shipping times, experiences with an SS, etc.

>Angelic Pretty San Francisco
Really love how they pack everything very securely. I've shopped in-store and have ordered online. They have a great pick up in store option with a generous window; If I know I'm going to SF within the next week, I usually set it up for pick-up so I don't have to pay any shipping. Always a good selection of the more general items for matching back to stuff you already have. It also helps that they are sharing space with another J-fashion store that Carries Q-pot, Enchantily and Atelier Pierrot.

>Babyssb San Francisco
The shop girls are less involved and leave you to shop on your own unless you ask for help. I feel like there's less basic stuff, but they are always well stocked with main pieces. One of the biggest selling points is it is right upstairs from a fantastic tea shop; so it's an easy choice for a get together with other Lolitas.

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Make my Lolita Wardrobe cohesive.
And what I mean by that is I have plenty of pieces to work with, but I need to commit to working on making them all functional. Case in point; I bought a bodyline dress because it had a dusky rose base with fern green and mustard yellow in the floral print. It fits great, but I bought it at a discount (total cost: $10) because it's zipper was broken. And then I... never got around to replacing the zipper. I also have pieces where I bought them knowing they needed a bit more embellishment. Like a chiffon top with awesome Victorian sleeves but the neckline was plain. I have the lace collars to sew onto such things... I just... Forgot to actually sit down and do it.

So every time I get ready for a meet I open my closet and am like "yay! I have all this to choose from!" but then after a moment I remember half of everything needs a little TLC before I can actually wear it in public.

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