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Unmotivated edition.

I guess one upside to not having cons is that one girl from my comm who always bunks with me is a sleep humper, and I don't need to worry about that now.

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"boyfriend got stolen by a 2B cosplayer with no panties" edition.

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Since RC seems to be unofficially dead, let's discuss

> lolita events (in the US and elsewhere) or conventions that bring in lolita guests that are worth checking out and traveling to
>the future of lolita-centric events and conventions (are they all doomed to be unsustainable for more than a few years?)
>the demise - seeing as how money seemed to be the biggest factor, was the con doomed to fail since simplicity was dropped?

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>/cgl/ is just /r9k/ with frills
When did it first hit you?

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yup, this is a much more eloquent way of expressing what i meant! at its core, i will always view lolita as a form of rebellion. it's the perfect manifestation of self-expression, self-indulgence, and self-fulfillment. so, tying into how you mentioned your unwillingness to change your likes/dislikes for the sake of being more "lolita"--that's it, that's part of the spirit. that's being true to yourself.

some people ask me why i have the weird "cottage industry" hobbies that i do because they're outdated, take a lot of time, and aren't profitable at all. but i do them because i love them, and i'd never let them go for anybody. that's my tiny rebellion.

this brings about a kind of contradiction, because people might argue that "rebelling against all of the norms of being a lifestyle lolita" (e.g. not partaking in any "lifestyle" hobbies, not wearing the clothes often, being an overt kinkster like our friend in this thread) is the same kind of rebellion that we're talking about. but the line needs to be drawn somewhere--and i guess i'll continue to draw it at my 3 basic tenets, which were actively wearing the clothes, having the lifestyle lolita mindset, and partaking in at least some of the hobbies that are associated with the lifestyle.

sage for blogpost, but it makes me happy to talk about this a little bit. lifestyle discussion has been uneventful until the last couple of months.

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Last thread: >>9495117

>Discussion of old prints vs new prints
>Angelic Pretty why do you suck now?
>Were is Maki?
>More RinRin wigs discussion
>Stop self posting meow_tan
>Two new AP prints on the way
>IW Lucky pack
>Discussion of Kera Style
>Is a 10 piece wardrobe small? (Answer: it depends)
>Wearing brand vs wearing bodyline to meets
>Usakumya's tragic backstory
>Lolita themed songs
>Why isn't aka-lolita and sax-lolita a thing in the West?
>How do die the lolita way

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Last one is way past bump limit. >>9461536

Talk about that feels, but make sure to keep 'em cgl-related and not start fights about your tit size again.

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>at meet
>heels I'm wearing are uncomfortable
>waist ties, 2 pettis, bloomers, and tights are killing my abdomen
>veil keeps falling off
>wig itches and braids slowly deteriorate, stray hairs everywhere
>OP i'm wearing has white cuffs, cant stop thinking about how much i want to go home and wash them
>glasses are getting dirty
>bra is itching
>just want to go home
fugg, I love lolita but it's such a massive pain in the ass to wear

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So I’ve decided to take initiative and force my socially inept self to be more outgoing at meets. I imagine a lot of other gulls struggle with this kind of thing too, so maybe we could give each other some tips. How does one avoid wallflower syndrome?
>inb4 autism
Yeah, yeah, but this is 4chan. What else would you expect?

>conversation topics and ice breakers
>topics to avoid
>social dos and don’ts
>pet peeves
>best/worst conversation experiences

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Does anyone get random friend requests from members of the group? Do you typically accept them?

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