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I got my last Tenso parcel sent via surface mail because Japan Post still weren't shipping to the UK, but shipping has resumed now and my parcel has been sitting in the port for a month. Why didn't I just pay extra for DHL or wait for EMS to resume?

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thanks anon, I think it's a ISO or trade listing though ;_;

and this one is a definitely a trade

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Hand to god I'm not her, but back 2010ish, a friend and I became babylitas, and living in the midwest, we went to the thrift store and attempted to sift through all kinds of weird religious clothing, square dancing dresses, even Amish clothes
I have a terrible feeling this is just babby's first coord

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>this extreme amount looks like you weren't loved as a kid and only had stuffed animals for friends
tfw this is too accurate and you need to leave the internet for the day

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>nyah-girl is like 35 now probably

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God that fucking manga. I'd take the one where the lolita landlady gets her ovaries fucked over that one, at least she's enjoying herself and survives.

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There's new "lifestyler" girl in my community. She discovered lolita few weeks ago. I really want to tell her to f*ck off with her "loliable" skirts and dresses.

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>Help friend with her very first coord
>we both get dressed up, take pictures
>decide to go out
>the moment we hit the sidewalk a group of men start talking at us
>hearing things like 'what kind of costumes are thooose?'
>we quickly rush into a shop to get away.
>She looks at me shocked
>I almost feel like I needed to apologize for not warning her enough

Luckily this didn't scare her away from lolita and we're soul sisters now.

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Thanks, anon. I'm a bit embarrassed now.
Are there any bags that are two sided? I was thinking of making two bags for my waifu (one mainly with official merch and the second with fan merch and the merch I couldn't fit in the first one) and it would be nice if I had a bag I could just flip over and fill..

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I went to /fa/. People post their daily outfits there and half of them don't show the whole coord. I don't think I've ever seen a more boring group of nerds. Even the girls looked boring. I wear lolita, but I actually work in fashion and I don't think these people would know fashion if it walked past them in the street. I'm never going there again.

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Me too, anon.

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>may 23 of this year
>mfw tried to kill myself with my meds ten days before this girl did
Thank God I freaked out and called 911
Life is still hard and full of misery, but at least I have lolita to brighten my day

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>Legs full of bruises (I don't know why, I haven't done anything special)
>Too hot to wear any king of socks
Time to take a break from lolita

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I once altered a brand one piece into a skirt for a brand event because I'm really tall. Everyone stared at me like I was wearing a replica but said nothing.

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There's a neat social outcast aura that weirdo chicks from the early 2000s used to have that they emulate pretty well.
They're cute to tease

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>at highest weight for several years
>face looks cute and soft
>start to tone up to fit in brand better
>face loses baby fat quickly
>suddenly look old and ugly
Time to kms

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>bisexual lolita in a relationship with a man
>miss girls so much that I start to look up escorts who sleep with women
>they cost as much as brand for an hour!?
Guess I'm just going to keep buying brand and hoping some manic pixie dream lesbian will fall from the sky.

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Maybe it's a suicide blanket, I had to throw out all my sheets because I sliced my wrists pretty bad

Overall sounds like bad idea to keep it if it looks ruined

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>tfw gf won't kiss you in sweet Lolita because "you look like you're 10"
Feels bad man

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