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>Favorite kinds of roomwear
It depends on the temperature, during summer I love wearing comfy bloomers and camisoles as roomwear. When it's cold out cutsew dresses work really well. I also have a BtSSB hoodie OP that goes with any pair of bloomers to make a warm cozy roomwear outfit.
>Do you actually sleep in your roomwear or do you change before bed?
I definitely sleep in my cooler roomwear, it's comfy enough and it seems strange to change into something else to go sleep, that way I might as well wear a regular outfit instead.
>Brand recommendations
Almost all of my cutsew dresses are (older) Baby, they seem to use the softest fabrics and laces. For camisoles I've found a bunch of cute stuff by brands like Algonquins, Franche Lippee and Rose Marie Seoir. Generally more casual Japanese brands have the best roomwear-able stuff. Taobao has always disappointed me with roomwear since it's rarely made with comfortable, breathable fabric.
>Are you dressing up too or just wearing loungewear?
The longer the lockdown has been going on, the less I can actually be arsed to wear a full coord.

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I've been in lockdown for two weeks now and slowly getting a bit of cabin fever, so I made myself an anti-insanity list of possible things to do.
Mostly drawing, painting and writing, along with more useful activities like cleaning and excercising at home. Reading books is also a good one but I've been too on edge to focus on a book for long.
Lolita-wise I feel like it's good for my mental health to still dress up in a nice but comfy coord every few days, it instantly makes me feel better to look put together. Lounging around in pyjamas or home wear all day is an easy trap to fall into, it can seem appealing but doing that for too long makes me feel like shit.

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