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>have a couple bag ideas for an unused base
>Also have trouble staying motivated because all the bitterness in the hobby makes you feel alienated
Feels bad

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>I blamed him but it was really my fault
>going to be alone this Christmas for the first time in years

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Turns out they didn’t want to sell, they just wanted to see how much someone would be willing to pay for it.

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>get all dolled up for a halloween party
>mfw everyone here is a better dancer than me
>mfw people drag me out to the dance floor a couple times but im too ashamed to do more than shuffle my feet until i can sneak back to my seat
>cry my makeup off
>now on my phone hiding outside
>too stubborn to leave because id be admitting i sabotaged my good time
i was looking forward to this why does crippling insecurity have to show up now

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I-I already have someone, sorry.

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I've been reconnecting with old convention friends after taking a break from cosplay and cons. I really want to make cosplays again but I don't have the time because I've gone back to school. I guess I could always buy something or commission someone but it's not the same.

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