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If a girl wants to take a picture of you and asks her friend to do so(and even asks some fatfuck stranger to take a pic with both of yous) does that mean she's into you?

Ive had it a couple times when I crossplay, even them telling me i look beautiful and shit. maybe they have some sorta fetish I guess

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>see someone with a nice costume
>"wow that looks amazing! where did you buy it?"
>go to the amuse!/tofucute kawaii alpaca section
>"accidentally" step on magical girls shoes
>see ochunko cosplayers
>"wow i never thought someone of your body type could pull it off but you did!"
>conversation with guy turns out he actually sews and makes his own fabric
>"wow thats incredible, my boyfriend says real men dont do that so i always have to make his costume myself"

who /conbully/ here?

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