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I did it gulls! I'm all dolled up and heading out the door now. My makeup and hair turned out great, or at the very least different since I dared try some new techniques. I'll be seeing a friend who's able to take outfit photos too! It's a good day to really love lolita!

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I'm no whale, but 1.72m with 100 cm bust and 80 cm waist. I hope to make my visit worth everyone's while, buying loads. Thank you for your advice!

>Bring a measuring tape
GENIOUS! I'll practice measuring the blouses I already own so I know how to efficiently check my possible purchases. Grand(ma) Bazaar sounds awesome too, so thanks for the tip! Casual lolita happens to be my preferred level of effort.

Additional thanks to everyone else who replied to my post. I'll be sure to stalk this thread until it sinks, because all of the advice here makes me so excited to go.

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>Winter is coming
>Froze miserably in bad jacket due to late bus
>Whine about it
>Basically everyone tell me to get a new jacket
>Stingy resistance.gif
>Decide on budget before heading out
>Go shopping
>Modern shells from gray to navy as far as the eye can see
>Think I won't find anything I like
>Suddenly find light
>Mannequin displays THE jacket
>It's serious duty with down and good shit
>Has a light pastel green colour
>Synthetic lining has subtle dots
>Reaches far down so I won't freeze my ass off sitting down
>Like it but...
>Check zipper
>It zips both ways
>I can open the zipper down low to fit a petticoat
>Am in love
>It's even below my top budget
>Sheer joy overrides my stingy heart
>Buy a pair of nice gloves with surplus
>Winter is coming
>I am prepared

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I've recently settled for a new way to style my hair in my day to day life. It's simple and possible to do when I've already left the house. Compared to my lackluster approach of letting my long hair just hang I feel so much cuter!

All it took was a couple of hair-ties and a simple idea.

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