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I am afraid. So, in July, I'm going to my first convention with a couple of friends. I'm AMAB. And, I'm going as Mandy, from Grim Adventures.

I've never done makeup. Or sewing. Or even hair products. And, honestly, I'd need to lose a little weight too, in the next four months. And probably shave my entire body. But I have a good face for trying this. And I think I could make it work.

I don't want to be one of those low effort people with a horrible cosplay. And I don't want this to suck, even though I want to do it. Any ideas what to do? I'm probably gonna lurk on here for the next four months, soaking up tutorials.

>first time at convention
>first time crossdressing
>first time at some big community event

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>mfw gulls spit out my minty-fresh cookies

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Pretty much the same as youma, hoping they have single player games for those folks without amigos

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Are there any decent South cons or should I just start going to Central cons? I'd rather not go to any of Mike's.

>tfw chibipa is dead

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>Want to cosplay Mako
>Bob haircuts bring out my manface

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