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>I don’t mind black girls in Lolita but...
Low quality bait from an absolute newfriend.
Anyone who's been in the fashion for more than a year can call to mind black lolitas who are fantastic at coording.
The issue is, tasteless itas outnumber good lolitas across the board (pun intended). It takes a lot of skill and a good eye to pull successful looks.
Implying there are no well-dressed black lolitas makes you look real new and real dumb.

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...you're an idiot. she's not forcing people to buy the things. her customers actually agree with and like the messaging. she's providing to a small subset of larger girls that feel being large is a part of their identity. offering a few polarizing tshirt designs that folks will take or leave is not exploitative.

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welcome to /cgl/, where you are usually talking to more than one anon at the same time, you walnut.
These are my replies: >>10128931 & >>10129196
I didn't backpeddle and I shouldn't have to put nayrt every time so you don't make silly assumptions.

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>saying this as a fatty
>lard ass

projecting self-hate isn't kawaii

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no citations, no names
boring as shit bait.

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>Too bad I'm black
I'm so mad at you right now. Breh, you need to stop limiting yourself and being so self-conscious.
Maybe if you watched Ore Monogatari it would motivate you to live more happily and freely. take risks, just like you did in going to the con. but don't expect everything to magically work for you if you don't open yourself to it and put in the effort to make it fun.
some people might think this, that, or whatever--but honestly, who cares!??! the winner in life is the person who does what they love and brings themselves and the people around them joy!

don't you dare ever not cosplay a cool character just because you aren't Japanese. you being black shouldn't keep you from having fun, like it's some kind of debilitating curse.
>t. black lolita who's fucking getting her damn dreams and doesn't afraid of ANYTHING

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