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anon, yume isn't yami. yumekawaii and yamikawaii are two different phrases. you literally could have taken 5 seconds to google this

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Word police on cgl? That's new.

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Loud adult males who have no social skills thinking they are so funny.
Bonus points if they're in full ahegao attire

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>being this wrong but this viciously adamant about being right when you can't perform a basic google search

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>this thread again
you even used the same photo to start it. fuck off with your uncreative bait.

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>t. newest of newfags

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>promoting your tumblr blog on 4chins
I get that you're proud of it and all but this is cringe.

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>defaults to being insulting when someone expresses a differing opinion
typical male behavior

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>not threading your shit
>not blocking names
It's painfully obvious you're a newfag though.

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So, you bought a dress in a color you didn’t even want knowing someone else wanted it? When that anon was kind enough to link you in the first place, thinking it was the color you wanted, when instead it was the color they were searching for all along? You’re a bitch and that’s bad DD juju you’re making for yourself.

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>people that think this way
thats the real yikes

theres always nutbags in every hobby, especially in hobbies like art lmao

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Lmao thanks for outting yourself you fucking cunt

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It never has been. You /pol/tards just don't know how to stay on your containment board.

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I bought my dream dress 4 days ago and haven't heard back from the seller.
Leading up to it her communication was ok, took a while, sometimes over a day to respond but since I've paid the invoice shes ignoring my messages. she only had one bad feedback, saying that they brought something and never heard back. Even positive reviews say her replies are slow. I just don't get it, do people really not care? It looks so bad on them. I always apologize for taking over a day to respond, its polite and I don't want to get negative feedback. Also, i just want my dress ASAP and it's stressing me out, even more so bc it's a gift from someone and I would feel awful if they got scammed because of me.

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May I request a gyaru/larme wardrobe?

I’m actually getting a new wardrobe for my birthday and I really want something nice and I rather ask here than in the “it’s only the thought that counts” Facebook groups

I’d really love to avoid looking like an idiot

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"do not play the victim and do not complain when I call you out in public, bla bla" hahaha this is priceless coming from her.
She should start by not playing the victim and hold herself accountable first.
When your customers pay you loads of $$$$ and you, for whatever reason, do not give them what they paid for and they complain after waiting a very long time and then threathen to file a pp claim they are bullies?
Holy shit someone's a delusional cunt.

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>you can't see the humor in this??
I can see that she thought she was funny, but she really wasn't anon.
>>reeeee a random normie thinks we're all freaks now
Well, I don't know how you feel anon, but most of us would rather people didn't think of us as people pretending to be babies in public. Maybe you don't mind that though

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>you can see her nips and some vag

The only thing worse than that is all the shitposting,like imagine having all this time to post retarded shit on the internet KEK 2 pathetic

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>it has nothing to do with my leadership or organizing skills.

But it does. You literally made a group, let it get flooded with hundreds of non lolitas and lolita enthusiasts, didnt have any real rules or organization at all, let the page get flooded with "hi i love lolita and even though i dont wear it..." and other unrelated posts, left them there, and when people told you they didnt want to be apart of your shit show you flounced.

I dont care if you're fat or have shitty cosplays, you obviously dont have the experience or maturity to run any kind of group. Quit trying to make it the fault of everyone else.
If i were her I'd just nuke that group honestly.

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I'm looking forward in seeing poor Misako's face while surrounded by Brazilian itas embarrassing themselves.

Stupid organizers should at least banned replica and put some basic guidelines. Can wait to see monstrosities like ponei girl around.

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