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if you try to wear a structured top like a blouse or a dress, it will probably pancake/loaf your boobs, so go for stretchy fabric.

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the term you're looking for is maxed shirring.
there's no loaf there.

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the fit of the blouse and the jsk is problematic

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lurk moar, you cretin.

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boobloafing is when the bodice is too small, creating a rectangular bust appearance.
don't confuse a form-fitted bodice with this term that has a very clear definition.
if the boobs look separate and distinguished there's no loafing. why do I even have to explain this?

you clearly have no idea what you're talking about.

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>How fat are you?
p. fat, but especially busty. 118cm bust/97cm waist/120cm hips/180cm tall
the boobs will be the last to go as I slim down. giant boobs are on both sides of my family.
it's the fully shirred, cutsew, and custom made blouse-life for me. it's not bad though

>pic not related

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again. when will idiots like you stop crying loaf when you have no idea what it means?
your logic is so broken, holyshitdude

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the bust2waist ratio is large and definitely shelf-like but it's not loaf territory. her boobs look differentiated enough.
does anyone even know what this term refers to anymore??
>bust is squeezed in a too small garment
>breasts migrate toward the center of the chest >result is one big mono-boob shape

big boobs do not automatically equal a loaf.

that being said, >>9439894 is still a mess of a coord.

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